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Green Vibe Forskolin Remember that in phase 1 you consume carbohydrates and therefore you have to burn them with aerobic activity . In phase 2 weightlifting of stage 2 is planned, the ideal would be a 20-30 minute gym workout, but for those who are beginners and cannot afford a personal trainer, they can also fall back on home exercises. In this phase you consume proteins that give you all the energy needed to sustain muscular effort. In phase 3 , training involves stretching and relaxation. Ideal in this phase is yoga. Conclusions More than a weight loss diet , according to the author Hayley Pomroy, the diet of supermetabolism is a lifestyle that should always be followed, and not just to lose weight. Even those who must not lose weight will indeed benefit from this diet combined with exercises, which together accelerate the metabolism and make the whole body healthier for longer, free it from toxins, make it energetic and full of vitality! Among the ketogenic diets , and probably not only among them, the Atkins diet is perhaps the most famous. The reason is soon said: it was the first to have been formulated on the basis of this principle. Although a lot of talk has recently been made, in fact, the ketogenic diets , of which Atkins is the forefather, are not the novelty of the third millennium, being, instead, born in the mid-sixties. Robert Coleman Atkins was an American overweight cardiologist with an ancient passion for the show who, in the October issue of JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association, once read an article entitled "A new approach to treating obesity" (Gordon et al., A New Concept in the Treatment of Obesity, JAMA 1963; 186 (1): 50-60), he was impressed and decided to experiment what was asserted, namely that a diet low in carbohydrates would have led to weight loss even without being low calorie. Luck of the Atkins diet For many years, especially in the United States, the Atkins diet has also been known as the " Vogue diet ", since after its creator talked about it on TV in 1965 (ie exactly half a century ago), earning a first visibility, appeared, in 1970, on the most widespread female gravure magazine, going crazy among the numerous readers and thus knowing extraordinary diffusion and popularity.

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