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Hauptforum Forum: Server Thread: For Honor for a Raider by the name of"TheeLizardWizard."
For Honor for a Raider by the name of"TheeLizardWizard." Seite: « 1 »
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The player said that"B" passed away towards the end of the second season with both of the players in high school at the time. From that point onward, fatmooch69 stated that For Honor Steel Credits it felt wrong to play since the Warden. Instead, the participant alternated between the Warden and the Raider although not having much expertise as the Viking personality.

"I'd played before but never really appreciated his play style," the player said. "But after B passed off I chose Raider up. After putting in over 44 days' worth of For Honor gameplay and attaining high standing scores with both fighters, the player posted the somber story on the match's subreddit back in February. Now that Ubisoft's gotten in contact with the participant, you can start looking for his comrade,"B," to live on in For Honor for a Raider by the name of"TheeLizardWizard."

Back in February of this past year, For Honor launched a new type of multiplayer experience on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Rather than a first or third-person shooter, For Honor was a match which needed to capture the feeling of pitched, hand-to-hand medieval combat.

So Young, So Brave

"I meanthis is my dream For Honor game. This is a subject that I'm deeply, deeply interested in--I have been studying each these kinds of groups for most of my life," For Honor creative manager Jason VandenBerghe told DualShockers ahead of the For Honor game came out. "The For Honor game came out of our view that combat is an art form, that this kind of art is the kind of art where the warrior frequently gives their life in the service of what they believe in, and wanting to really capture that feeling at the battlefield. We are placing that on the display so that you can pick this up with the control and provide you with a whole new approach to sense that intensity and that connection, then live out these epic medieval battles as the medieval'special powers.'"

For Honor launched to positive critical reviews, using a 77 on OpenCritic and 79 as its greatest score on Metacritic. The honeymoon period ended fairly quickly though. A month into launch, For Honor was plagued with matchmaking problems and server desync issues, because it utilized a peer reviewed networking system. This made it quite difficult to play the For Honor Items game, provided it was largely online and required an always-online connection.

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