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OFFtopic Forum: OFFtopic Thread: Dallas Cowboys Hoodie
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Cowboys news: Receiver rotation should be shortened with Amari Cooper’s arrival Mailbag: The New Rotation At WR? - DallasCowboys.comWith Amari Cooper added to the mix Dallas Cowboys Hoodie , what will the new rotation at WR look like coming off the bye week?Jerry: Cooper Will Change Offense’s Dynamic - Rob Phillips, DallasCowboys.comThis is exactly what the Cowboys offense needs, a dynamic player.This is what must happen for the Amari Cooper trade to be deemed a success for the Cowboys - Matt Mosley, SportsDayWith the Cowboys still right in the thick of the NFC East race, what must the Cowboys do to get Amari Cooper going, and make the blockbuster trade payoff.Cowboys have addressed the WR problem, now they need to figure out the Tyron Smith one - Tom Ryle, BloggingTheBoysThe Cowboys offensive line has been far from elite so far in 2018. Tyron Smith’s regression is a huge part of the reason why. Ryle breaks down what might be causing the 27-year-old to struggle as much as he has so far.Grades For Tyron Smith Are ‘Pretty Darn Great’ - Nick Eatman, DallasCowboys.comThis is why football is so great. Different people see different things. Here’s what OL coach Paul Alexander has to say about Tyron Smith’s play to start the year.3 prospects the Cowboys could target in Round 2 of the 2019 NFL draft, including a perfect fit at safety - John Owning, SportsDayIt’s never too early for draft talk, and with the Cowboys trading their first-round pick for Amari Cooper, there will be plenty of scenarios to run through before we get to April.Cowboys set to release Terrance Williams in 2019, but not before - Patrik Walker, 247SportsWalker speculates about the former Baylor wide receiver’s future with the Cowboys.Cowboys who need to be better after the bye - John Williams, InsideTheStarThere is always room for improvement. Here are some guys that need to be better coming off the bye week.Dak Prescott Holding Cowboys Together While Other Teams in Turmoil Falling Apart - Mike Freeman, Bleacher ReportHere is an interesting spin on who is keeping the Cowboys’ heads above water. Nov 11, 2018. The Dallas Cowboys were headed to The Linc in Philadelphia for what many thought would be their burial. The Cowboys came into the game 3-5 after an embarrassing loss to the Titans and nobody gave them a chance for a revival. It was the worst of times after the Cowboys had dealt away a first-round pick for Amari Cooper Emmitt Smith Color Rush Jersey , but that move seemed like it wasn’t going to help at all in 2018. Most in Cowboys Nation were already looking at prospective coaches who could replace Jason Garrett in 2019. Troy Aikman had basically called out for an overhaul of the whole organization, including, apparently, the Joneses. An era looked liked it was coming to a close and a very uncertain future was ahead for a team without a first-round draft pick.Then this happened: Cowboys 27 - Eagles 20. Boom!It all changed. Here were some of the big sotrylines that came out of that game. The LVE coming out partyIt wasn’t like we didn’t understand that Leighton Vander Esch was a quality player heading into the Eagles game. He had already had three games with double-digit tackles. In the early part of the season, fans were tantalized by LVE’s talent but were still hesitant to proclaim him worthy of the first-round draft pick. As time rolled on, it became apparent that he was a cut above, that the Cowboys had got it right. Starting with the Eagles game, we started to see the emergence of a star. LVE had 13 tackles and the pick, which would have been enough. But one of those tackles was this game-saving effort that really put him on the map. Fast-forward to this week, and Cowboys fans are up in arms over Jerry Jones suggesting that Sean Lee would be the starter again when healthy. Times have changed.Feed Zeke to help DakThe Cowboys offense was suffering before the Eagles game. Besides a crazy explosion against the Jaguars and a good game against the Lions, it was one big struggle. Dak Prescott had us wondering if his 2016 year was some kind of mirage and there was open debate about Prescott being the quarterback for the long term. Additionally, the Cowboys could not get Ezekiel Elliott going on a regular basis. In the eight games the Cowboys had played, Elliott was held to under 100 yards five times, that was just not something fans were used to. Elliott had exploded against the Lions for 152 yards on the ground, and he also had 88 yards receiving in that game. Overall, though, there was a feeling Zeke was being under-used and not as effective as everyone knew he could be. So Dak and Zeke were both having their issues for different reasons, but it all came together against Philly.And Deion Sanders Jersey , of course, this happened:Since that game, Dak and Zeke have been on fire. Dak hasn’t had a game below 68% completion percentage or thrown an interception in his last four games including the Philly game, and has broken a 100 passer rating in three out of four of those games. Zeke had three one-hundred yard games in a row and has been more of a force in the passing game.The Great Wall starts its rebuildThe Cowboys identity used to be it’s offensive line and how they paved the way for the above mentioned Dak and Zeke. Nowadays, it might be the defense that is the identity, but we can’t forget about that offensive line. And the struggles they were having. When the Cowboys brought on Paul Alexander to coach the line it turned out to be the opposite of a a match made in heaven. They made the decision to dump him and promote Marc Colombo but the first week against the Titans didn’t really make us believe. But then the Philly game happened. They haven’t been perfect. The Saints were all around Dak during that game and he is getting pressured too much in general. But one thing that is demonstrably better is their run blocking. As mentioned above, Zeke is now on track and is just 25 yards away from leading the league in rushing yards.Jason Garrett’s hot seat has frozen over... for nowThere was a thought heading into the Philly game, just a rumor among media and fans, that if the Cowboys got blown out by the Eagles in that November game, then Jerry Jones might pull a Wade Phillips maneuver on Jason Garrett and fire him mid-season. That’s how down everybody outside of the organization was on Garrett. Then the Eagles game happened.One of the things that was a flashpoint for fans was Garrett’s conservative nature. Suddenly, it was gone (kind of).But Garrett wasn’t finished with fourth-down surprises.Garrett is not totally off the hot seat. He needs to finish the season strong and make some playoff noise to truly solidify his status. But since the Eagles game, things are different when it comes to the temperature of his seating material.A little under a month ago, the Cowboys were dead and buried, at least that was a narrative and it was an easy one to believe. Now, they’re contenders on a four-game winning streak and looking to make their playoff push. This is why you never give up on a season.Bonus fun: Re-live the Cowboys win over the Eagles through the comments of other fans in an epic edition of Trolling The Nation.
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