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OFFtopic Forum: OFFtopic Thread: Safety Landon Collins can now sign his contract in
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#1 am 11.07.2019 um 09:58 Uhr Diesen Beitrag zitieren
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Washington Rob Kelley Jersey , and here’s a summary of the terms of the deal that Collins will receive.1. Signing bonus: $15 million.2. 2020 option bonus (fully guaranteed): $6 million.3. 2019 base salary (fully guaranteed): $1 million.4. 2020 base salary (fully guaranteed): $10 million.5. 2021 base salary: $12.5 million, $5 million of which is fully guaranteed signing, with the rest guaranteed for injury at signing and fully guaranteed as of the fifth day of the 2021 league year.6. 2022 base salary: $11.5 million.7. 2023 base salary: $12.5 million.8. 2024 base salary: $13.5 million.9. 2021-2024 per-game roster bonuses: $31,250 per game; $500,000 per year.10. 2020-2024 workout de-escalators: $200,000 per year.11. 2019 workout de-escalator: $175,000.The deal has a full guarantee of $37 million at signing, with a total guarantee of $44.5 million.The total value is $84 million over six years, with $16 million paid out in 2019, a total of $32 million paid out through year two Deshazor Everett Jersey , and a total of $45 million paid out through year three. Washington safety D.J. Swearinger blasted his own team’s defense after their Thanksgiving loss, and he’s not done with his criticisms.Swearinger said Monday on 106.7 The Fan that he’s getting tired of the way his teammates practice, saying some of them aren’t taking their work seriously enough.鈥淚 just feel like when we鈥檙e in certain preparations 鈥?when it鈥檚 Friday, when it鈥檚 Saturday, when it鈥檚 time to lock in and really be focused in 鈥?I feel like it鈥檚 a little bit too much playing,鈥?Swearinger said, via the Washington Post. 鈥淲hether it鈥檚 on Friday or whether it鈥檚 the Saturday walk-through. A lot of guys just walk through that Saturday as if that Saturday doesn鈥檛 mean much. But truth be told, that Saturday means a lot. If you鈥檙e a focused individual, every time that you step on the practice field 鈥?whether it鈥檚 a walk-through, whether it鈥檚 a real practice 鈥?any time the coach is saying something Mason Foster Jersey , that means business. When we have our walk-throughs on Saturdays, I feel like it鈥檚 a joke, to me 鈥?with the amount of focus that we have, with the amount of playing that we have, the amount of lack of discipline that we have on those Saturdays and Fridays, on days where I feel like we should be tuned in. That鈥檚 where those comments come in.”Swearinger has said multiple times in the past that he doesn’t think all of his teammates are practicing hard enough, so in one sense these comments are no surprise. But what is surprising is that the issues keep coming up. If one of the best players on the team keeps saying his teammates are dogging it, that’s an issue that needs to get resolved.
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